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The Nine Rules – The Seduction of Rest and How to Avoid It.

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The Nine Rules

Andy Ferguson   Guide I Teacher I Author I Speaker

“My job is to inspire, encourage and empower people: To help them live the most remarkable lives.”

The Nine Rules

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About the Book – The Nine Rules

Andy’s first, and so far only book, was published in 2005. It’s a very personal account of what it takes to get out of bed every morning with the intention of making that day as good as it can possibly be. When award winning, pioneering Surgeon and Medical Director Simon Dodds read it he was moved to write … “I quickly realised you were telling my story. The way you write reconnected me to those ideas and habits that are fundamental to who I really am: A capable individual who has endless possibilities for happiness, growth and success presented to me every day”.

Just like Andy the book is informal, natural and unpretentious and yet it makes clear it’s up to us to make the most of the circumstances we find ourselves in. And Andy shares, in the book, some of his own “interesting circumstances” during an eventful life . We find him on a roller-coaster journey, searching for a mythical herd of tuskless Elephants in Uganda, leading an expedition to ski down the sand-dunes of the Sahara Desert in Morocco and jumping off an 11,000ft mountain just to experience a “James Bond” moment.

Yet the book has a serious side. With a lifetime’s experience Training and Development others, Andy introduces us to the ideas and methods that will inspire and encourage us to make every day count, together with the tools we’ll need to succeed.

He writes: “We can run away, give in to the desire to be around the safe, the familiar but in doing so we give away the power to be our own person and shape our own lives. To grow is never easy. I have no time for those that say a positive sunny attitude is all you need. Sometimes you have to stick with something even when it hurts like hell”.

The Nine Rules, The Seduction of Rest and How to Avoid It, isn’t your usual personal development book. But then Andy isn’t your normal Personal Development Guru or Life Coach.

About Andy Ferguson – Guide I Teacher I Author I Speaker

“My job is to inspire, encourage and empower people: To help them live the most remarkable lives.”

From Keynotes in Kampala to Presentations in Perth, Andy Ferguson has built a reputation as someone who really understands and connects with people, regardless of who they are. He’s been called “better than alcohol” after one memorable appearance at a business conference and the “Country’s Leading Inspirational Speaker” by the BBC. Andy’s worked with judges and reforming offenders, teachers and difficult pupils, entrepreneurs and business leaders, civil servants and church ministers. He’s wowed the students of New York’s prestigious Columbia University as well as Primary School Entrepreneurs in near by Edinburgh.

Andy’s been instrumental in “turning round” the fortunes of individuals, businesses and other organisations precisely because he understands what extraordinary lives ordinary people can live. Here he makes a simple observation: “Never underestimate the influence that one person can have on another. What we do everyday really matters”. Andy is renowned for having fun with his audiences and amazing adventures with his clients on foot. And he never fails to deliver fun, thought provoking experiences, with equal amounts of flare, wisdom and humour.

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What did people think about Andy and The Nine Rules.

Julie Suzuki

Andy Ferguson is an amazing coach and guide, who’s enthusiasm for life and effervescent personality really made the experience of walking together in Scotland something very special.

Julie Suzuki – Author

Mike Berry

Andy was the opening speaker at the Inspire Scotland event, and was absolutely brilliant. He set the tone perfectly with his wit, pathos and inspirational message. His stories are personal and unique, but his message is universal.

Mike Berry

Larry J. Rosenberg

I did several walks with Andy in the Scottish countryside and old towns, What a happy time learning more about who I am and what I want to do with my life. What an ideal combination for beholding my world anew.

Larry J. Rosenberg

From Nine Rules to One Intention:

A Personal Message From Andy.

Hi Andy here. This book “is” personal. It’s about asking ourselves some of the biggest questions anyone can ask but in a setting and at a time in our lives when the answers may be far from obvious. John Lennon famously wrote “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”, so I’m a great believer in learning “on the job”, not “waiting to be ready” but getting on with it and getting better as we go. That’s partly what I wanted to convey when I coined the term “the Seduction of Rest” … as you’ll read “rest” was almost the death of me once.

As for The Nine Rules these were inspired by an article I read concerning “The (unwritten) Rules for Deep Survival”. That is, what is it that people in extreme survival situations do that allows them to prevail no matter how impossible the odds. My thinking was, with about half my life lived, that I needed some sort of plan to ensure the next part of my life would be as exciting and engaging as the first. After a lot of thought I settled for nine rules as the system i’d use. It’s been twelve years since then and just when I think I’m ready to move on, and perhaps write a sequel, someone reads the book for the first time and they remind me that the ideas and stories in it are as sound now as they were back in 2005.

So I am truly thankful that Kingsham Press asked me to write this book. It introduced me to so many amazing people that say they were inspired to go and live the best life they could imagine after reading it. In the meantime I have changed one thing, I’ve simplify the initial message … I now call my approach “One Intention” – It’s my “intention” to make today the best day it can possibly be. Not everyday will be a happy day. Not everyday can be a successful day but given time we’ll see that everyday holds amazing possibilities and with Nine Rules we can make the best of it, even when the odds are stacked against us. I believe a life lived on those terms is a life that will be joyful and rewarding, a life of deep and profound fulfilment, a life worth living.

The book explores the origins of “these nine rules” for living our best life and it was written from the heart as well as the head. And once you’ve read it, you can sign up (for free) and discover what happened next. Now that’s another story.

So always remember – this is your life, it’s not the dress rehearsal.

PS we’re just about to begin filming conversations with people who have been inspired by the book. If you would be interesting in sharing your story with others let us know.

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