Discover Scotland’s amazing towns and cities on an urban walk with Andy Ferguson.

We offer fantastic walks in remote and beautiful parts of Scotland yet our towns and cities can be remarkably inspiring places to walk in too. Hidden, often in plain sight, are fascinating stories that shed a light on who we really are, where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

When we scratch beyond the surface we find glorious treasures, terrible histories and incredible mysteries. A walk in the footsteps of King James 1, Adam Smith, Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Lister, James Watt, David Hume and Charles Macintosh, along streets that inspired Benjamin Franklin, Robert Louis Stevenson, JK Rowling and Walter Scott, and who citizens and institutions helped create and sustain the biggest Empire the world has ever seen, is a walk that will Inspire, Encourage and Empower you to realise your own potential. Especially when you walk with Andy Ferguson, an extraordinary companion who literally wrote the book on creating “ten out of ten days” everyday.

Just like Andy, Scotland is unique, a tiny country packed with stunning scenery, culture, and history; its capital Edinburgh still hosts the biggest cultural festivals in the world and was once home to the Enlightenment;  and Glasgow its commercial and industrial heart built the modern world back in the 19th Century and exported some of the world’s greatest merchants, generals and engineers. Yet even in these our two biggest cites, which aren’t really that big. There is plenty of space to enjoy peace and calm, plenty of high spots to see the country beyond. There is even possibility, in the case of Edinburgh, to walk from the airport in to the centre of town, with it’s famous castle, along the Union canal. There can’t be many major cities in the world where you can step off the plane and do something like that.

At the heart of everything we do is the belief that a walk in a rich and stimulating environment has the power to transform the way you see the world and the way you see yourself in it. As with every walk we offer, we’ll build our urban walk to fit your needs. We’ll select the most suitable route through a town or city that’s rich in culture, history, philosophy, human spirit and endeavour.  We’ll cook lunch on a beach, yes that is possible, or eat from the best of Scotland renowned larder in a fine restaurant. We’ll walk as much as you need to or sit and watch life around us unfold for as long as you want to, We may sit quietly or walk purposefully through streets that have stood for centuries and witnessed great moments in our history.

For those who love to explore what we humans have achieved, who want to immerse themselves in the details of our extraordinary journey and who seek to live an extraordinary life for themselves, a walk in Scotland’s finest towns and cities is not be missed.


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Larry J. Rosenberg

PhD, Inspirational Entertainer, Sedona, Arizona, USA (73 years young)

I did several Only One Intention Walks with Andy Ferguson in the Scottish countryside and old towns, in 2015. What a happy time learning more about who I am and what I want to do with my life. What an ideal combination for beholding my world anew.

The beauty of Scotland’s landscape, its stimulating layers of historic, the physical-mental invigoration of a long yet leisurely walk, and super-coach Andy’s provocative questions and valuable insights. The resulting “space-time zone” enabled me to feel fully alive, sharpen awareness, clarify my varied ego-  and speak my inner truth to Andy and to myself. Talk is cheap and yet words have power. The focused and in-depth conversation of the walk with Andy was truly an enjoyable and profound experience.

Larry J. Rosenberg PhD, Inspirational Entertainer, Sedona, Arizona, USA (73 years young)