Explore Scotland’s amazing rural areas on a country walk with Andy Ferguson.

Palaces, stately homes, roman remains, prehistoric sites, lochs, rivers, beaches and mountains, the Scottish countryside is a place you can easily lose yourself in. Enchanting, changing, living and inspiring, for thousands of years the people who’ve lived here have left their mark. Yet Scotland can feel even older, a walk through the country reminds you that the mountains we see today were once the highest in the world, now they’re worn away, time reducing them to ragged yet beautiful stumps.

Scotland is a land certain to change your perspectives: When you look down from the hilltops it’s easy to imagine the huge glaciers that once moved mountains, that cut and shaped the land and in a very real sense created the country we know today. A land that shaped the people who came to live there and a people who learned to shape the land they chose to lived in. Which means if you’re looking to put your own life in perspective you’ll find it so much easier here as you walk through hills and glens, towns and villages scattered across a land that changes with the seasons, changes everyday with the weather, changes with the people you meet as you pass through a patch work of farms, estates, public spaces and wild upland. Scotland is unique in many ways not least because our lack of  “trespass” law means we have access to the countryside in a way that people from the USA, England and other parts of Europe can only dream off.

A Country Walk often start in Linlithgow, the birthplace of King James V and Mary Queen of Scots. It’s at the very heart of Scotland in more ways than one and a few miles walk in any direction uncovers thousands of years of history which helps us better understand the connections between past, present and future. But a One Intention Country Walk isn’t just about exploring Scotland’s history, it’s industrial past or it’s famous exports like whiskey, golf, world changing entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, it is about finding the space to reflect and consider your own personal journey through this world. We’ll design a walk for you that will stimulate your imagination, challenge your viewpoint, open your mind and allow you to have a refreshing clear conversation about who you really are and what you’re here to do.

And it will be fun and glorious and never to be forgotten just ask Dr Larry from Arizona or Angela from Alaska. You don’t travel thousands of miles to have a miserable time. If this is about your personal development believe us it will feel more like a vacation. Whether it’s one day or multiple days you’re going to have a rich, joyful and rewarding experience in an amazing environment, with a witty and supportive companion.  Perhaps you’ll choose to cook lunch “al fresco” even when it’s raining or stop to sample some of Scotland’s freshest fair from farmhouse cafe. There are even Michelin star restaurants we can walk to, if that’s your thing.

So for those who love to explore who we humans are, who want to immerse themselves in the details of our extraordinary journey and who seek to live an extraordinary life for themselves, a walking conversation in Scotland’s great outdoors …. this will be the trip of a lifetime.

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Corporate Security Consultant

Andy I read this and thought of our journey’s together “It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself”. So first off, thanks again for another great day. I used more mental energy that day than the whole previous week 😉 That’s what I wanted.

Thanks to your reasoning and challenging conversations, the frameworks, examples, experience and drive you share, I am seeing a more confident and capable me. I’m already seeing changes at home – subtle ones that are building into a better environment for all involved. There’s some way to go yet and this will always be a work-in-progress, but so is life and I’m learning the tools to embrace it!
Looking forward to our next walk in October.
Damian is enjoying a "rolling program" of walks with One Intention throughout 2016.