Amazing walks along the breathtaking Scottish Coast with your guide Andy Ferguson.


From the pristine white sandy beaches of Arisaig on her Atlantic coast to the historic towns, like St Andrews, in the east, Scotland has a coastline and a history as fine as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Vikings, Celts and Romans, Saints and Smugglers, Fishermen, Pilgrims and Traders, they’ve all left their mark over thousands of years.

Here history, geology, big skies, remarkable people and incredible wildlife are ready to engage and delight tyou on a journey that will fire you up and clear your head. At Only One Intention our intention is to help you create a happy, rewarding and fulfilling life, everyday … to do that we believe in personal development that feels more like a vacation. Walking Scotland’s coast for one day or a few days is a break (from the norm) that will set you up for life.

Walking is good for you. You know that right? But here’s the thing taking time out to walk through a rich environment that centres you, puts what’s vitally important back at the centre of your life again  – THAT is the most extraordinarily powerful and liberating experience you can imagine. And you’ll discovery it happens easily and naturally on a walk along the magnificent Scottish coast . Around every corner there is a new perspective and in such an inspiring place age old problems and worries simply evaporates in the action of putting one foot in front of another.

The challenge of meeting your next big challenge becomes much less of a challenge when you view it through the lens of (even) a short journey on foot through such a stimulating and inspiring environment, with a stimulation and inspiring companion thrown in to the mix too, of course.

As with every walk we offer, we’ll build our coastal walk together. We’ll select the most suitable section of Scotland’s 1,160 miles of coastline, to suit your requirements. We’ll cook our lunch on a beach or eat in a fine restaurant. We’ll walk as much as you need to or sit and watch the sea and the sky for as long as you want to. We may sit quietly, hearing only the wind and our thoughts or march around headlands discovering the ruined castles, abbeys and abandoned settlements of yesterday or visit the busy fishing and ferry ports of today. We may even take a boat out to see dolphins, seals and otters, cast a line out to catch our suppers or take a ferry to “The Isles”.

For those that love the magic of the sea, a walk along Scotland’s coast with Andy is not to be missed.

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Julie Suzuki

Author, Businesswoman, Brand Ambassador, Speaker and Fashionista.

‘Andy Ferguson is an amazing coach and guide, who’s enthusiasm for life and effervescent personality really made the experience of walking together in Scotland something very special.

In essence we went on two journeys together, one a real one through amazing countryside and the other more metaphorical: We explored my past and our (collective) past, we traversed into the present and on to my future. As the journey unfolded the rich setting of our walk really helped me see a bigger picture. I discovered that it is in motion that I am able to access a profound sense of wellbeing, and I found a greater clarity and understanding of my purpose during this stage of my life, all the while enjoying walking in one of the UK’s most magical settings.

We crossed hills, past into beautiful villages, crossed stunning estates – beaches and beyond and with each new view inspiring idea became a very natural part of our conversation. Thinking about all the others who had lived, walked and worked in the places we passed through really confirmed my understanding that as a human we have just one life – and it really is up to us how we choose to make the most of that opportunity. I came away knowing my future is one of more wonderful adventures and after our walk with Andy I feel more inspired and empowered to make the very best of the rest of my life”.

Julie Suzuki – Author, Businesswoman, Brand Ambassador, Speaker and Fashionista.