Andy Ferguson

Mentor, Guide, Author, Presenter, Reimagineer

With Keynotes in Kampala and Presentations in Perth, Andy built a reputation as someone who really understands people and how to connect with them quickly and deeply.

He’s become internationally renowned for having fun with audiences and having amazing adventures with clients. He never fails to deliver on fun, thought provoking experiences, with plenty of wisdom and humour thrown in too.

It was said he was “better than alcohol” after one memorable appearance at a business conference and the “Country’s Leading Inspirational Speaker” by the BBC after another. Andy wowed the students of New York’s prestigious Columbia University and the slightly more difficult to please pupils in Primary Schools around the city of Edinburgh.

As a coach, guide and mentor he’s worked with judges and reforming offenders, teachers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, civil servants and church ministers. He’s been instrumental in helping “turn round” the fortunes of individuals, businesses and other organisations, because as he says he “understands how extraordinary, ordinary people can really be”.

Although educated in the technical disciplines of Analogue and Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Systems Design, it was whilst qualifying as a Ski Instructor in his mid-twenties that Andy discovered his true passion: Helping people develop skills, knowledge and confidence in amazing, rich and exciting environments.

Subsequent to this Andy’s enjoyed a lifetime taking the road less travelled; living, working and sharing adventures with amazing people around the world and writing and talking about these to inspire and encourage others.

In his mid-fifties Andy rediscovered the delight and joy of working outdoors again and thus he created the rewarding programs he now  delivers walking and talking in and around the magnificent countryside near his home in Scotland.

Andy is married with two grown-up children, and as he approaches his sixtieth birthday he’s been working on his second book, developing a new stage show and is hoping to cover 2020 (self propelled) miles in 2020, mostly on foot. 

He says “I recently found out I have Osteoarthritis in both my knees, they’ve been killing me for years. I’d temporarily given up running and I guess it was a case of give up for good or get going again. I chose the latter, after all, to quote Helen Keller “life is an adventure or it is nothing at all.” 

Andy Ferguson

Author – Guide – Mentor – Speaker

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Mike Berry

Andy was the opening speaker at the Inspire Scotland event, and was absolutely brilliant. He set the tone perfectly with his wit, pathos and inspirational message. His stories are personal and unique, but his message is universal. I have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Andy several times, and have always been impressed by his ability to move, inspire and motivate any audience
Mike Berry