What is a walk with Andy Ferguson like?

Whilst every walk is unique. These are the things that are common to all of them.

You’ll be walking through the the best of Scotland: Expect History, Scenery, Wildlife and Tasty Food. We’ll create an amazing experience just for you.

You won’t be “pushed along”. We’ll walk at a pace that allows you to get the best from the route and that includes stops, viewpoints, time for lunch and snacks and time to soak up the atmosphere.

Who will I be walking with?

It will be you and Andy walking in some amazing scenery with the remarkable Scottish characters you will encounter along the way.

Can I choose a walk somewhere other than Scotland?

Andy Ferguson was born in Scotland and utilises the unique History, Scenery and Culture of Scotland. Walking in Scotland is part of the experience, however Andy has also lead walks in Africa, Asia and across Europe.

Will I be walking all day?

That’s really up to you. Part of the “magic” of this approach is utilising the transformative experience of walking. So yes the idea is to walk from say 9:30am until around 4:30pm. Andy will plan the route so that there are plenty of stops, we’ll take our time and you will never be out of breath. We can design a really interesting and rewarding walk that’s only around 4 miles long or for those that like more of  a challenge we can cover up to 15 miles in a day.

I’m not looking for Life Coaching so I’m not sure this is for me. Is it?

Walking with Andy is all about having a break away from the normal routine in a rich and rewarding environment whilst reflecting on life.  Many of the issues, stresses and strains we feel day to day are caused simply because we are “overloaded”.  We feel bombarded and under siege. Taking a break and having time and space to get away from it all may be all you need: that’s called a vacation. Andy is unique in that before his career as a Personal, Professional and Leadership Development Coach and Teacher he worked in the travel and adventure industry. A qualified Ski Instructor Andy witnessed first hand the power that taking an active vacation can have on people.

So for many clients, a walk with Andy Fersoson may be the start of an ongoing development program yet for many others it’s simply a “Once in A Lifetime” journey on foot through an amazing and inspiring landscape with an inspiring companion. Get in touch and discuss what you’re looking for, with years of experience in the travel trade as well as the personal development field we’re sure we’ll be able to help you find what you’re looking for. Even if that is just giving you advice on finding a great vacation spot.

Is there any follow up after the walk? 

Yes if that is what you want. Andy offers an approach to creating “Our Best Day, Everyday” that is build on simple fundamental principals. You can book regular walks and work between these at your own pace on areas of Personal, Professional and Leadership Development that are of interest to you.

What equipment will I need on the walk?

You’ll only need the sort of equipment you’d take on an extended walk through your local town or park: Comfortable shoes, a small day sack and waterproofs. We’ll advise you before the walk if there is anything particular you’ll need for your chosen route.

How fit do I need to be?

You’ll need to be able to walk a few miles without getting too tired. To get the best out of this experience it would be preferable if you could walk at least four miles comfortably. If in doubt, go for a short walk with a friend. Walk and talk for a few miles and see how you feel.

Is transport included, if not where do I need to get to?

We’ll usually meet you at an airport or rail station in Central Scotland, Edinburgh Airport for example.  And we’ll finish at one of these too to ensure your onward travel is straightforward. If you’re travelling some distance, transcontinental for example, we would suggest you plan to arrive in Scotland by at least 5pm on the day before the walk, to account for delays. This is a walking trip that starts in Scotland you arrange your own travel to the start point and from the end point, which may be different.  If you require assistance we can discuss connecting travel when arranging your walk.

Can I book multiple days?

Yes, you can also arrange to link different day walks together or even arrange a few day walks on non-consecutive days if you are taking a longer vacation in Scotland.

Are refreshments included?

Each walk is created individually so we can arrange the best solution for you. Some walks we may cook on a beach, others walks we’ll visit a top restaurant.

I still have questions!

Great, contacts us, we’ll be happy to discuss what you’re
looking for and answer any question you have.

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