30 Worlds to Change…

Africa is a special place with amazing people.

My love of East Africa started over 20 years ago when I visited Kenya for the first time. I’ve been back many times since. What makes this part of the world so special for me is that it reminds me that – this is where we are from. This is our home. This is where the human journey started.

The last time I was in Kenya I was there to help deliver a Leadership Training Programme, invited by a remarkable retired US teacher, David Bernard-Stevens, who chose in his seventh decade to make rural Kenya his home instead of putting his feet up at home in Nebraska.

David has made incredible sacrifices to find a new purpose and new home so far away. And he is making a difference. As he’s got to know the country and the people David has been able to find the those around him who want to build a better life, that yearn to make a difference and he has found ways of supporting them.

When putting this website together we decided to highlight David’s work and share with you the opportunity to help change people’s life directly. Below David shares his latest project and explains how you can help.

David Bernard-Stevens – 30 worlds of change.

We all know that education is a critical piece to anyone’s success. In a country like Kenya, a lack of education can imprison a child forver to poverty or worse as in deperation, people choose to do some terrible things in order to obtain money to survive.

So, Ruth and I have chosen 30 young and talented Kenyans who without help will be unable to attend high school due to their family’s inability to pay the school fees charged by Kenyan schools. Ruth and I have gotten to know each of these students as they have shown a keen ability to learn and worked hard to create a life for their future that before has only been a dream.  With your help, those dreams can be brought closer to becoming a reality.

Each family of the 30 chosen students will pay 10,000 Kenyan shillings for their child’s education (still quite a feat for many) and after doing so, Ruth and I will pay 45,000 Kenyan shillings.  If the fees for the school they have selected to attend is more than the combined 55,000 Kenyan shillings the family will be responsible for the remainder.  If the total fees of a student’s school is less than 55,000 shillings; the leftover funds will go to another student whose family may need some extra help.

This means that the total funds for each student to attend school for one year including boarding will be $450 USD.  That being said, there are 5 students who have no family support so the amount for them to attend school is the full $550 USD. All donations are made via credit card on the GoFundMe  website (link below) … a site which is both convenient and secure.

The world is going through some difficult times and in many cases the youth of today will be the ones who will  lead in the aftermath of what we are creating ourselves.  We must make sure those who can lead themselves, their families, their communities and in time the world be as educated and enlightened as possible.  It is here where we can make a real difference… not only with these chosen 30 but for everyone they will encounter each day.

Perhaps I should add that since corruption is incredibly bad in Kenya, all funds donated go directly to Ruth and I where we personally pay the school fees by depositing funds for each student directly into their school’s bank account.  We keep a receipt of the transaction and give a copy to the parents who will present it to the school when their son or daughter reports the first day of school.  Using this method all funds donated have gone exactly where everyone intended them to go!

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and hopefully for your kind support!

David and Ruth Bernard-Stevens

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Andy has visited East Africa in a number of roles.

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2016 has been a year marked by people crying out and reacting negatively to so called “globalisation”. Yet there can be no doubt that now more than ever we are truly connected. There is no turning back. The future depends on all of us, getting along, understanding each other, caring for each other.

It’s not easy, it requires courage and faith. David is an example to us all. Even if you can’t or choose not to help him this time, please remember there is an alternative to “turning away”. Turn towards your neighbour, ask how you can help. Build a better world.

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